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As we observe Veterans Day, I remember my Grandpa Jerry. Grandpa grew up poor and often didn't have enough to eat. He told me once that his Navy boot camp was wonderful because he never missed a meal - that stuck with me.

Grandpa was enlisted, but was challenged by his boss to apply for the United States Naval Academy. He received a Fleet Appointment, attended the Prep School, then graduated in the Class of 1953. He then cross-commissioned into the Air Force and served a full, honorable career as a test and flight engineer. He did far too many amazing things to recount in this post.

Grandpa passed away a year ago almost to the day, but he is still with me. He began our family's tradition of attending the Service Academies. Through his service, he lifted himself and his family out of poverty. He exemplifies to me the excellence, integrity, sacrifices and spirit of service that is so characteristic of our veterans. I am honored to have an opportunity to support them in the State House!

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This Veterans Day, Amanda and I salute all of our fellow veterans who have served with dignity and courage. Even after veterans have left the service, we have a responsibility to honor their sacrifice. We have not done a sufficient job honoring that promise in Ohio. I intend to. ...

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