Economic Development

Growing Our Economy

Our global, regional and local economies are changing, and we need to invest in our workforce to adapt. We need to make sure our workforce has the skills needed to meet the demands of high-growth industries like renewable energies, high-end manufacturing, information technology and healthcare. We also need to eliminate overly burdensome regulations put in place by Ohio politicians that are preventing wind companies from bringing jobs to Ohio. We have a tremendous opportunity here in the 37th District to invest in our future and provide good-paying jobs for many years to come.

Fiscal Responsibility

Restoring Local Control

As a Hudson City Councilman, I’ve seen the state limit our local governments’ ability to provide critical upgrades to infrastructure and emergency response capability through severe budget cuts. Even our most well-to-do communities struggle with basic road upkeep. Our emergency responders are hampered in their ability to respond to the opioid crisis. Ohio’s rainy day fund is now full, but the state continues to hoard money and direct resources away from local governments. When I go down to Columbus, I will fight to empower local governments so that they can invest in and deliver the services necessary to ensure our kids grow up in the strongest possible communities.

Casey Weinstein - Educating our Children

Educating Our Children

Our state wasted $1 billion in taxpayer money on unaccountable charter schools as part of a corrupt pay-to-play scheme. This is unacceptable, and we can’t expect the same people who broke the system to fix it. I will fight to restructure the way we fund our public schools and invest in our children's future with strong universal pre-K. Our children deserve a solid educational foundation to ensure they are prepared to join tomorrow’s workforce, and I will deliver the resources necessary for them to succeed.

Ohio House of Representives - Protecting our Natural Resources

Protecting Our Environment

The 37th District is home to parts of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a perfect example of Ohio’s natural beauty and one of our country’s most visited National Parks. Preserving and enhancing our natural environment is good for the health, happiness, and prosperity of our families as well as our economy. As a member of the Leadership Hudson Class of 2014, I was proud to lead the private fundraising and implementation of a solar array at Barlow Community Center, which also serves educational purposes for our schools and training purposes for first responders. I am now leading the charge to explore utility scale solar power in Hudson. We need to turn our attention towards sustainable and responsible environmental policies that make sense for Ohio’s economy and our families.


Supporting the First Amendment

I fully support the First Amendment to the Constitution, which protects freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and the right to petition the government to see redress of grievances. While these civil liberties are considered the cornerstone of our democracy, there have been threats to them in recent years. I strongly support a person’s right to choose and practice their religion (or not) freely, and in the separation of church and state. I know that we are strongest when we have the ability to exercise our beliefs and convictions, free from coercion, intimidation or harassment.

Backpack and sign on ground at March for Life protest

Defending Our Future

The right to bear arms under the Second Amendment to the Constitution hinges on the phrase “a well regulated Militia.” As a veteran of the United States Airforce, I am well acquainted with what a well regulated militia looks and feels like. Sadly, Ohio is not a state where the laws reflect the existence of a well regulated milita. In order to bring our state in line with Constitutional standards, Ohio law should be changed to reflect the rules and regulations in the United States Armed Forces. Specific provisions would include: implementing a minimum age of purchase and ownership for firearms, increased coursework and continuing education for those with a concealed carry permit, and the establishment of red flag laws.


Supporting Access to Healthcare

All Ohioans deserve access to affordable healthcare. The cost of many services and necessary medication, including insulin, is too high for most—including those who have healthcare plans. People should not have put off a house payment, take out a loan, or travel out of the country for medical care that should be available at a reasonable price in the United States. I support reducing prescription drug prices, maintaining Governor Kasich’s Medicaid expansion, and providing affordable healthcare for seniors. Meanwhile, the opioid crisis rages on. As we develop a plan to address the crisis on the front end, it is important for us to remember Opioid addiction is a disease, not a choice, on the back end.


Fighting for Women

When we support women, everyone wins – and we have a lot of work to do, including ensuring access to affordable healthcare (especially preventative and live-saving procedures such as mammograms), equal pay for equal work, paid parental leave, affordable child care, and the ability to report and be assured of an effective response to sexual harassment and abuse. These issues disproportionately affect women in Ohio and many feel those who create and adopt laws in the Statehouse don’t have their best interests in mind. I do.